Contact Us
GSP Office
Tel : 051.510.7667
Fax : 051.510.7666
DGS Office
Tel : 051.510.1628
Fax : 051.514.2681
Business Hours
Monday ~ Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00
(Lunch Break : 12:00 ~ 13:00)
Tenure-track Professors
Yong-Kyun BaeChairman & Professor|051.510.3358 | International Building room 506
Tommi TapanainenAssistant Professor|051.510.3007 | International Building room 706
Visiting Professors
Will PoreVisiting Professor| 051.510.2565| International Building room 501
Ryo YamaguchiVisiting Professor| 051.510.2565|Seonghak Hall room 808
Chris Hennessey Visiting Professor|051.510.3096| International Building room 804
George Khoury Visiting Professor|051.510.3096| International Building room 804
*Contacting professors
a. Professor should be contacted before and after classes, during their office hours by email or through their
office phone. If a professor permits, you can contact him by cell phone.
Communicating by text messaging is not accepted.
b. For course substitution, you should get permission from tenure-track professors only.
Staff Members
Miyoung Park박 미 영DGS Coordinator|051.510.1628| International Building room 411
Youngbin Jang장 영 빈GSP Coordinator|051.510.7667| International Building room 406