Subject Guest lecture by Marta Kasztelan on Women & Globalization was successful!
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Alexandra Ress, one of the students who attended the speech, shared her feelings about the discussed issue as below. (Thank you Alexandra for sharing this.)
Marta Kasztelan talked about the topic "Women & Globalization", but the lecture was not only interesting for women! She showed the impacts of globalization by the example of Cambodia in detail. Very impressing were her explanations about modern slavery, because it showed that topics like micro financing, which leads a giant number of Cambodia citizens to slavery, are showed in a completely different, positive way in European news than they are in reality. Also, the effects of mobile phones and Facebook which lead, in combination with the traditional attitude, to a rise of teenage pregnancy were a completely new dimension of globalization for me. She showed, underpinned with her personal story, that globalization can have positive effects to some people as well as negative effects to other people at the same time.

All in all it was a
 fantastic lecture, Marta was open minded and open to answer questions and involved the audience to the lecture as well. I'm looking forward to hear more of these lectures in the future.

And here's another review of the today's lecture by Asrymbetova Zagira. (Thank you Asrymbetova for sharing this.)

I am a student from nanoscience and nanotechnology department and I’m double majoring in DGS. In this global studies program, I get to know about new things which are happening in the world every day. Today, once again, I got a chance to learn about the situations occurring in this world from a person who was a witness of everything. I am grateful to Martha for giving us a speech that let us know about the situation in Cambodia. I have never thought about this country before this speech. I did not know that Chinese investors are mainly investing in Cambodia, the growing strength of feminism and the fact that various protest actions came to fruition. Due to the feminist victory, most families got the land rights, however, about 90 families are still waiting for their land titles. 

I also learned that the situation with sexual education. It the same as in Kazakhstan. I am from Kazakhstan and people in my country, especially the teachers, are embarrassed to say anything about it. However, nowadays there are more and more Internet figures, bloggers in the country who are trying to give growing youth knowledge about it. Her speech was very informative as from now on I know that in Cambodia was a construction boom and how it affects society. People suicide, divorce, activists are imprisoned, domestic violence, children labor. Also, I got to know about the role of women and men in this country, teenagers’ marriage and the working system there. In one hour, she gave so much information. I liked she allowed students to contact her every time we want if we will any advice or help. 


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