Foreign Students
PNU’S domitories provide students with safe and convenlent residence facilities and meals.
Building name Rsidence
Occupancy Total Area(m) Remark
Building KA
151 302 3,788.08 8 Stories
2 Persons in 1 room
Building KA
154 308 3,788.08 8 Stories
2 Persons in 1 room
Building KA
151 301 3,788.08 8 Stories
2 Persons in 1 room
1,612.50 A dining room
Physical Training room
Administration Office
143 286 3,186.00 8 Stories
2 Persons in 1 room
143 288 3,186.00 8 Stories
2 Persons in 1 room
1,550.00 A dining room
Physical Training room
Administration Office
Total 743 1,485 20,989.74
Administration Office
Jinrikwan: +82.51.512.6595
Jayukwan: +82.51.512.6581
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Off-Campus Housing
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Many facilities provide lodging and boarding to collegians in the Jangjeon area where PNU’s located. The number of one-room studio is increasing in this neighborhood, enabling students to live and cook at their convenience. Boarding houses (Hasuk) are single or double rooms usually without furniture (except desks), Korean meals are served twicedaily, bathrooms are cimmon-use, refrigerators and hot/cold water dispensers
are typically avallable. Pruces range from 300,000won to 550,000won per month.
Visa & Alien Registration
All foreigners planning to stay in Korea for more than 90days must report to the immigration for a certificate of
allen registration within 90days from the date of arrival. To apply for the allen registration card, students should
already have a long-term visa.
Busan Immigration Office
17-26 Jungang-dong 4ga, Jung-gu, Busan 600-014
Tel: 051.461.3030~4
Fax: 051.461.3081
Customs Office
immigration Contact Center: Tel 1345(no ared code)
*Telephone couneselling service in 189 languages regarding immigration process
The only currency in circulation in Korea is WON(KRW) and students will not be able to use U.S.dollars or other foreign currencles. Students can exchange foreign currency at most banks and many post offices. Most major credit cards can be used nation-wide.
Opening a bank account
Both resident and non-resident foreigners can open a bank account. A resident foreigner is eligible to stay in
Korea for six months or more. A non-resident foreigner is eligible to stay for fewer than six months. The required
document is a passport or alien registrartion card.
Posal Services
The on-campus post office is located on the second floor of Moonchang Hall (9am to 6pm [4:30pm for finance transactions]). Students can find additional post offices in other locations near campus.
TSubways are cheap, reliable and convenient. It costs approximately 3,000won round trip to travel anywhere in the city. Taxies are also cheap and anywhere. You can easily get a driver’s license and car
Medical Insurance & care
National Health Insurance
Foreigners residing in Korea can receive the same medical benefits as Korean citizens if enroll in the national helth Insurance system and pay a monthly premium.
Hospitals for Foreigners in Busan
Kosin Medical Center
051.990.6155 | 34, Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, 602-702 Busan |
Inje University Pusan Paik Hospital
051.891.2624 | Gaegeum, Busanjin, Busan |
Good Moonhwa Hospital
051.644.2002 | 899-8, Beomil-2dong, Dong-gu, Busan |
Pusan Adventist Hospital
382, Seodaesin-dong 2ga, Seo-gu, 602-089 Busan
Campus health Center
FPNU’s campus health center is located on the seventh floors of the Hyowon Goodplus building. Medical services are provide to undergraduate, graduate students, faculty and staff. It’s oepn 9:30am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.
Buddy Program
Buddy Program Pusan National University has organized a buddy program to promote interacrion between international and Korean students. International students are matched to Korean students on a one to one basis. The office of international services provides several official program such as cultural trips to historical sites around Busan. Each buddy pair is free to organize private meetings and activities.Though the official period for the buddy program is one semester, pairs are encouraged to continue building their relationship.
Language Classes
PNU’s institute of international language education offers various levels of Korean language and culture courses for international students.
Useful Contacts
Foreigner’s assitance office at Busan foundation for International Activities (BFIA)
Emergency, Ambulance, Fire Station - 119
Police Station - 112
Telephone Directory - 114
Foreign Embassies
South Africa 02.792.4855 |
Russia 02.318.2116~8 |
Malaysia 02.795.0293 |
Mongol 02.794.1951 |
United States 02.397.4114 |
Bangladesh 02.7920.4855
Vietnam 02.322.3610
Singapore 02.774.2464 |
Egypt 02.749.0787
Iran 02.793.7751
India 02.798.4257 |
Indonesia 02.783.5675~7
Japan 051.465.5101~6(Busan), 02.2170.5200(Seoul) |
China 051.743.7990(Busan), 02.738.1038(Seoul) |
Canada 051.204.5581(Busan), 02.3782.6000(Seoul) |
Thailand 02.790.2955 |
Turkey 02.794.0255
Pakistan 02.796.8252 |