DGS Students Lounge
The DGS and GSP students enjoys a modern, comfortable lounge which serves as a place for studying,
exchanging ideas, and creating a community. The lounge provides several facilities and resources. It opens from Monday to Friday 9AM to 6 PM. It is located at International Building Room 409. The Global Lounge provides
students with an environment for improving their English. Only through frequent use of English will students
reach fluency.
Lounge Regulation
The DGS student lounge is only for DGS and GSP students. Other students cannot use the lounge.
To improve the English ability of students, DGS encourages students to use English Exclusively.
* The DGS lounge shall be an English-speaking environment from 9 AM Monday to 6 PM Friday.
* During this time, when any professor, department administrator, teaching assistant, or other designated
authority hears Korean spoken in the lounge, it shall be a violation of this policy.
* Since the lounge’s purpose is to create an English speaking environment, students are encouraged to speak
and discuss only in English.