01. What are the advantages of the GSP compared to other second majors?
The GSP is interdisciplinary.This means that students will take courses in many different areas - economics,
science, political science, culture, art, international relations, religion, business, etc. With othere second majors,
you learn about only one area. So, the GSP will do a better job training you for many different careers - it will
give you more career choices. The GSP is more globalized than other majors. It instructs you in English communication and all courses are taught in English by native or native-level speakers. Financial aid will be provided to
select students for overseas study and travel.
02.When can I apply to the Global Studies Program?
Application to the GSP is possible only once in a year.
It opens in November and close in the middle of December every year.
03.Who is eligible to apply to the Global Studies Program?
PNU students who will be sophomores or juniors in the following spring semester are qualifiend.
In case of juniors, only those who will take the first semester of junior year in the upcoming spring are eligible.
Students from all departments may apply. However, every student must have satisfied his/her freshmen credit
requirements assigned by his/her primary major by the end of the preceding year. Also, the applicant must
submit one of the following English Language Proficiency test certificates.
TOEIC 700pts or higher, TEPS 577pts or higher, TOFEL IBT82pts or higher, TOFEL CBT 217pts or higher, or
Mock TOEIC(모의토익) 720pts or higher.
04.My freshman grades are very low. Is there a minimum GPA required?
The GSP does not set a minimum GPA for the student's application.
We will not know the average GPA of the entering class until the application process is completed.
05.What does the English exam look like?
-Essay Exam-
Two professors will each give a 20 minutes lecture on different topics. A question will be given at the end of each lecture. After listening to both lectures, applicants must choose one of the two lectures and write an essay on the given question. Applicants will have 75 minutes to write the essay.
A set of thought questions will be given before the interview. Applicants must choose one of the questions and
read it for 10 minutes before the interview. During the interview, applicants will be asked about their opinions
regarding the thought question. Personal questions may also be asked.