• Vision
  • Department Mission
  • Goals
Department Mission
We are living in the era of globalization. Individuals in one country constantly interact with individuals in other
countries on a daily basis. They no longer live their lives within their own isolated community, but are touched
and influenced by other nations, companies, and individuals across the world. This globalized world and its
affairs cannot be understood solely under a particular discipline, such as economics.

The DGS at Pusan National University provides students with a comprehensive view of our globalized world
along with interdisciplinary tools and perspectives needed to understand that world. We also provide our
students with a curriculum that is similar to those offered within the US higher education system, so that
students can experience such learning opportunities even without travelling to the US.

The Department of Global Studies will prepare the next generation of Korea’s leaders for careers in international
organizations, government, media, policy research, trade associations, and multinational corporations. The
inauguration of this new department is thus envisioned as a further step in the university’s and the city’s
development as respective hubs of education and global business.

The department offers a challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum taught entirely in English. Included in the
curriculum are courses in economics, law, international relations, business, culture, science, art, religion,
literature, philosophy, human rights, leadership, and communication.

Through these courses, we seek to foster the development of students in areas such as analytical thinking,
leadership, research, writing, speaking, and communication. As a supplement to the curriculum, the students are
encouraged to study overseas during the winter and summer breaks. English language courses, in which all
students are required to participate, serve as a supplement to the core course curriculum. The academic
environment is further enhanced by an array of adjunct professors and a series of outstanding guest speakers.
The overall goal of this curriculum is to produce graduates with a balanced global perspective, intercultural
understanding, creativity, and the requisite training to function in a global environment.

1. Universal Goal
A. Global affairs cannot be understood in the light of a single discipline, such as economics. Therefore, we
provide students with a comprehensive view of our globalized world along with interdisciplinary tools and
perspectives needed to understand that world. At the same time, even smaller-scale issues, such as everyday
organizational work activities, often require interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration, given
today’s faster-moving and more competitive business environments. In such situations, employees and
managers need mutual understanding and cooperation despite differences in background and work content.
Therefore, we educate our students to nurture a cosmopolitan outlook.

B. We provide our students with a liberal arts education and the universal insights of the humanities, i.e.,
philosophical reasoning.

C. Based on humanities-based virtues, our students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand
and solve complicated global affairs.

D. We educate our students to become global citizens with an open mindset, informed perspectives, excellent
leadership skills, and an attitude of reciprocity.

2. Practical Goal
A. We fully use our limited resources to execute our interdisciplinary curriculum by selection and concentration
(4 concentrations).

B. We accept as many international students as possible, so that our department can contribute to PNU's

C. We offer the educational environment of a typical North American university so that PNU students can
experience them in Korea without having to go to the US.

D. The Department of Global Studies at PNU will be a leading department in Korea in this field and obtain a
national reputation.