Welcoming Message
Welcome to the Department of Global Studies!

We are proud to offer our students a unique and rich multidisciplinary curriculum in preparation for today’s
increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

In today’s society, individuals from one country are constantly interacting with individuals from other countries. States are continuously crossing paths, and there is an ongoing increase in cultural exchange.
Countriesno longer exist in isolation. Thus, we cannot completely understand this globalized world by focusing
education solely on one discipline for the entirety of a student’s university experience.

Our well-rounded program, based on strong humanities foundations, provides our students with great
opportunities to view the world in a more cosmopolitan manner, to respond efficiently to the world’s challenges, and towork effectively to find solutions to these global issues.

At the DGS (Department of Global Studies) as well as the GSP (Global Studies Program) and KEASP (Korean and
East Asian Studies Program), we aim to educate our young leaders in global scholarship and citizenship
accompanied by a sense of noblesse oblige. We not only teach our students the knowledge and skills they need
for personal achievement, but also impart an awareness of ethics and responsibility that they must have as
members of society.

The members of our exceptional international faculty produce pioneering research in their fields and are highly
dedicated to providing students with valuable instruction in their classes.

Please join us in supporting our global education so that we can contribute our knowledge to Pusan National
University, our country, and our world.

Thank you.

Dr. Yong-Kyun Bae
Chair, Department of Global Studies