What is the GSP
A second major program offered by the Department of Global Studies (DGS),
College of Economics and International Trade
In 2009, PNU inaugurated the Global Studies Program (GSP), an all-English, interdisciplinary second-major for an elite group of students. A small group of students (about 50 each year) are selected based on GPAs,
a Standardized English Score (TOEIC, TEPS, or TOEFL), and an English examination requiring the writing of an
essay and an oral interview. Successful candidates take courses ranging from international relations to economic
s, business, history, law, philosophy, science, culture and political science. English Language courses, in which all
students are required to participate, serve as a supplement to the core course curriculum. In addition, all students are encouraged to participate in overseas study during the summer or winter breaks. Professors, who are all
native English speakers, take an active and hands-on approach in educating and guiding students. The program
further provides a variety of extra-curricular activities, such as book clubs, lunch discussions, movie nights and
student/faculty seminars, among other activities.