What is the DGS
The Department of Global Studies is a relatively new part of Pusan National University’sCollege of Economics and Business

soon to become a part of the university’s proud tradition. For more than sixty years, Pusan National University
has produced some of South Korea’s brightest citizens. In addition, the university is located in one of the vital
gateways of East Asia, where students benefit from Busan’s flourishing commercial and cultural life as well as the university’s growing academic prominence.
The Department of Global Studies had its beginning as the Global Studies Program(GSP).
Like the GSP, the Department of Global Studies will prepare the next generation of Korea’s leaders for careers in
international organizations, government, media, policy research, trade associations and multinational
The inauguration of this new department is thus envisioned as a further step in the university’s and the city’s
development as respective hubs of education and global business. Our innovative vision is to offer
undergraduate students an academic experience like that in North American and European universities.
The department offers a challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum taught entirely in English. Included in the
curriculum are courses in economics, law, international relations, business, culture, science, art, religion,
literature, philosophy, debate, human rights, leadership, and communication. Through these courses, we seek to foster the development of student skills in analytical thinking, leadership, research, writing, speaking and
communication general.
As a supplement to the curriculum, the students are encouraged to participate in overseas study during the
winter and summer breaks. English language courses, in which all students are required to participate, serve as
a supplement to the core course curriculum. The academic environment is further enhanced by an array of
adjunct professors and a series of outstanding invited speakers. The overall goal of this curriculum is to produce graduates with a balanced perspective, intercultural understanding and creativity, prepared to function in global environment.