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DGS Admission Guidelines / Korean Students
Overall Schedule
Classification Date and Time Note
Application Form Submission
Only by the Internet)
Sep. 15(Mon.)9:00~
Sep. 15(Thu.)18:00(24/7)
Submission of documents Sep. 15(Mon.) ~
Sep. 24(Wed.) 09:00 ~ 18:00
Admission Office at
PNU, Geumjeong-gu
Busan 609-735. Korea
Essay Test Announcement Nov. 19(Wed.) 16:00
For details of time and
place, please see the
English Essay(70min.)
Essay Nov. 22(Sat.) Listening to an English
lecture(30min.)+Writing an
English Essay(70min.)
Successful Applicant
Dec. 5(Fri.) 16:00
Eligibility Requirements
Students who are expected to graduate from high school after February 2010
*Notice / Students who complete foreign school courses must complete over 3 sememster of domestic high
school courses
Admission Process
Evaluation Criteria High school GPA Essay Total
Essay Admission 20 80 100
Evaluation Method
We evaluate applicant’s English essay and analytical abilities with the questions related to social and global
issues. Students will have an English listening and writing essay test for about 100minutes.
Applicants will have 30 min. to listen to an English lecture and 70 min. to write an English essay.
*Examples are on the webpage http://go.pusan.ac.kr
-> department admission homepage-early decisiion making(수시모집)-자료실
The Level of KSAT Rrequirement
Field Requirement of the level of KSAT
College of Ecomomics and International Trade Taking the test of the following subjects:
Korea B, Mathematics A, English, and Social Studies.
Total level of two subjects including English should
be within level4.
Selecting Back-up Applicants, Tied applicants and Additional Applicants
1. Back-up applicants will be selected in rank order based on the applicant’s total score.
2. Tied applicants will be selected based on the following priority:
Essay score -> GPA in high school -> Recency of Graduation -> Younger applicants.
Selecting Back-up Applicants, Tied applicants and Additional Applicants
3. Unfilled applicants slots will be transferred to the general admission process.
DGS Admission Guidlines / Overseas Korean
Overall Schedule
Classification Date and Time Note
Appplication Form Submission
(Only by the Internet)
July 9(Wed.)9:00~
July 11(Fri.)18:00~
Submission of documents July 10(Thi.)~
July 16(Web.)09:00~18:00
Admission Office at
PNU, Geumjeong-gu,
Busan 609-735, Korea
Qualified Applicant
Oct 25(Fri.) 10:00 http://go.pusan.ac.kr
Essay Test Announcement Oct 31(Fri.) (TBA) http://go.pusan.ac.kr
Essay Test Nov 8(Sat.) 10:30
Interview Nov 8(Sat.)
Successful Applicatn
Dec 5(Fri.) 16:00 http://go.pusan.ac.kr
모집정원 지원대상 자격요건 공통학력조건
교포자녀 부모 및 학생 모두가 외국에서 3년 이상 영주하는 교포의 자녀 외국학교에서 3년 이상 재학

1)고교과정 1개 학년 포함하여 중ㆍ고 과정 연속 3년 이상 재학해야 함

2)고교과정 1개 학년 포함하여 중ㆍ고 과정 통산 4년 이상 재학해야 함.

외국에서 3년 이상 근무하거나 근무하고 귀국한 공무원의 자녀
상사직원 자녀
외국에서 3년 이상 근무하거나 근무하고 귀국한 상사직원의 자녀
근무자 녀
외국정부 또는 국제기구에서 3년 이상 근무하거나 근무하고 귀국한 자의 자녀
교수요원 자녀
외국에서 3년 이상 근무하고 정부의 초청 도는 추천에 의해 귀국한 과학 기술자 및 교수 요원의 자녀
자영업자 자녀
외국에서 3년 이상 현지법인에서 근무하거나 자영업을 한 자의 자녀(부모가 모두 해당국에 체류해야 함.)
연수자 자녀
외국에서 3년 이상 유학 또는 연수를 한 자의 자녀(부모가 모두 해댕국에 체류해야 함.)
외국 국적 취득자
(복수 국적자 제외)
외국 국적 취득 이후 외국 고등학교에서 3년 이상 계속 재학한자
(지원자 부모 국적 불문)
정원제한 없음 전 교육과정 이수자 외국에서 우리나라 초ㆍ중ㆍ고교 교육에 상응하는 교육 과정을 전부 이수한 자
북한 이탈 주민 「북한이탈주민의 보호 및 정착지원에 관한 법률」에 의한
보호 대상자
화교 부모 모두 외국 국적을 가진 화교
DGS Admission Guidlines/
International Students(FReshmen/Transferred students)
Overall Schedule
Category Freshmen Transfer Students
Spring Semester Fall Semester Spring Semester Fall Semester
Submission of
Mid-August Late April Early January Late April
Submission of
Late August Mid-May Mid-January Mid-May
Announcement of
successful candidates
Ealry December Mid-June Mid-February Mid-Jun
*Plese check the details of schedule for English Essay Test and an Interview through the pnu admission website
PNU Admission(http://go.pusan.ac.kr) / JinHak Apply (http://www.jinhakapply.com)
Category Academic qualification of
Transfer Qualification
Foreign Students raised by
non-Korean parents.
Foreign students who have completed (or will complete) local or overseas high school programs 1) Students who completed two years of academic programs(4semester or more) in Korean or overseas universities)

2) Students who graduated (or will graduate) from college.
Foreign students who graduated from primary, middle and high school overseas. Foreign students who have completed educational programs overseas equivalent to Korean primary, middle and high school.
Language proficiency
1. TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) level 3
2. Complete Korean lecture grade 3 at International Language Institute of PNU
3. Score of TOEFL(PBT 550, iBT 80), IELTS 5.5, TEPS 550
* Not required for the candidate from the English speaking country
(USA, British England, Australia, Canada, Island, NewZealand, South Africa, etc.)
※Candidate must meets at least one of the language proficiency conditions.
Language proficiency
Number Documents to be submitted New Transfer Note
1 Candidate and parents' Certificate of noationality or certificate of alien registration Photo Copy of alien card or passport
2 Photocopy of Candidate's
alien card
For whom live in Korea
3 High school graduation
4 College or University transcipt Numberical percentage score
5 college or University Completion certificate or Graduation certificate If there is not a completion certificate, enrollment certificate and credits for graduation should be submitted.
6 Certificate of TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean), Or Certificate of Compelement of PNU's International Language Institute Korean course Or Only English proficiency test scres within the past two years are valid
7 English Certificate
8 Study Plan and Personal
[From 1]
9 Financial Guarantee Letter [Form 2] more than USD 10,000$