Welcoming Messages
When I was asked to join Pusan National University in 2008 to help develop its innovative Global Studies
Program(GSP), I was immediately impressed with the dedication shown by everyone from the President to the
administrative staff. The university has provided the GSP with the flexibility to innovate and the finances to excel. This commitment distinguishes our program from others in Korea.
In September 2010, PNU inaugurated the Department of Global Studies (DGS) in the new College of Economics
and Business. With the new department, two tracks of studies are available to students. The original Global
Studies Program remains for students who wish to enroll in the DGS as second majors. However, students may
also now major in the DGS, entering as freshmen.
The Department of Global studies provides a wide curriculum, requiring students to take courses addressing
international business, law, international relations, human rights, history, economics, and political science.
A menu of interdisciplinary electives rounds out your education. We recognize that a marketable degree in
global studies requires an academic focus. Consequently, DGS majors will concentrate on international business
and economics while still obtaining a rich interdisciplinary education in several other fields.
Our professors are diverse, knowledgeable and skilled. They are dedicated not only to teaching but to your
development as a scholar, professional, and person. In addition to our core faculty of Western-educated
academics, we have more than a dazen adjunct faculty who enrich the program. Our students receive years of
specialized, challenging English edu-cation taught by exceptional, experienced professors who have made it
their profesonal mission to increase the students' English abilities.
All of this has one goal : to produce graduates with a balanced global perspective, intercultural understanding,
creativity, open-mindedness, and talents in presentation, debate, analysis, and writing. We want our alumni to
populate academies, international organization, consulting firms, government offices, media, policy research
centers, trade associations and transnational corporations.
On a personal level, you will find the DGS student community to be close and vibrant. Our students do more
than work well together - they are friends. These relationships will endure for a lifetime, providing a professional and personal network to further your career.
The Department of Global Studies is the leading edge in PNU's globalization drive. The university and
department have the energy and excitement that accompany a bold, well-crafted, aggressively-enacted vision.
The best way to experience it is to join us and share the excitement and pride that we feel being part of this
special department.
Yong-Kyun Bae
Chairman, Department of Global Studies