Joe Phillips
Writer 관리자 Date 2017-07-11 07:17:31

Q: I am researching a case where a baby was injured because of negligent monitoring by the hospital, but I can't find which statutes a court has used to deliver the verdict since I have just a news article. So, can I refer those rules and statutes that are applied to similar cases? And is there any penalty or deduction if the statutes that I selected are wrong?


A: Some articles, like yours, discuss trial court cases. Trial court opinions/rulings are not usually available on-line, and trial courts often don't issue opinions. So, yes, you can use statutes and cases which are relevant (similar) to your case, even if they are not the ones applied by the court in the article.  You can use those to analyze the court's decision, based on the facts of your case. 


As long as the statutes/cases are relevant - relate to the same issue - they will not be 'wrong.' best