Joe Phillips
class1 The Art of Negotiating (TAN)
class2 Political Economy of East Asia (PEEA)
class3 Discovering Human Rights (DHR)
class4 Anglo- American BUSINESS LAW (AABL)
Writer 관리자 Date 2017-07-07 22:27:35
Q: : I already got an approval from you about Volkswagen's false advertisement.
I found that it could be a case of against laws or torts, but in the instruction, we cannot choose a criminal topic. Did you mean criminal as 'murder and other severe crimes against human right?'  or should I narrow my topic?

A: When I say I don't want a research paper on business criminal law, I am referring to cases where the business or its officers are prosecuting criminally.  The case you analyze will say whether it is a criminal or civil case.  Crimes can include criminal fraud, bribery,  etc., but it .wil be a criminal prosecution. The Volkswagon case involves both criminal and civil claims (civil fines by the government and civil action by consumers). When there is overlap like this (both a criminal and civil case, please analyze the civil part.