Joe Phillips
Writer 관리자 Date 2017-04-03 05:09:30

Q: I have an inquiry about No.5 on the project proposal guideline. As I understood, that section means that we need to actually 'measure' what benefits our project have brought into target community--such as after-report survey I guess?


A: Your choice of 'evaluation' is flexible and, to some extent, depends on the project.  You might survey the persons benefiting from the project.  This survey may be a set of short questions and answers, or longer interviews. You might use 'before and after' photographs, along with 'before and after' factual observations by your team. You might provide statistics showing the results of your project. 

Once you decide on your project, the evaluation method should be apparent.  Once you decide on your project, you can ask me again about evaluating it.