Subject Successful candidates for the 2019 Summer GSP DGS Study Abroad Program
Writer 관리자 Date 2019-04-11 09:30:10
   2019학년도_국제학부_GSP_여름계절학기_해외파견_프로그램_선발자_명단_-_공지.xlsx (10.3K) [55] DATE : 2019-04-11 09:30:10

Thank you for your increased interest in this summer's study abroad program.

1. Please find attached the list of successful candidates.

2. Please send a copy of your bankbook (Korean account) to receive the funds for the program to jangyb@pusan.ac.kr by April 17(Wed). The funds will be transferred to your account by the end of June.

3. Orientation: April 23 (Tue) 4:30 pm at the Global Lounge, if you are not able to come for inevitable reasons, you should let me know in advance.

4. Please check your emails regularly since I and the UPF Barcelona will send emails to proceed with your application to UPF Barcelona summer program.

Thank you!

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