Subject 2018 DGS/GSP Global Competitiveness project (참가자격 일부 완화로 인한 수정 공지)
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DGS/GSP Global Competitiveness Project
1.    Purpose: To broaden students’ global perspective and increase creativity by (1) giving students a chance to develop ideas of how to enhance Korea’s (or PNU’s or DGS’s) global competitiveness and (2) supporting the students selected based on their presented proposals to visit international educational institute, companies, public organizations, research centers, NGOs, etc. in the overseas countries of their choice.
2.    Eligibility Requirement: Any GSP and DGS student
Except for, a. students on a leave of absence,
          b. students with a G.P.A lower than 2.5
c. students who will be graduating in Feb, 2019*
                   d. students who will participate in Office of Student Affairs’
Global Challenger Program for the 2018 winter
 (2018 겨울 해외도전과 체험 합격자는 참가불가)
    * The department has decided to modify the eligibility requirement, allowing students to be graduating in February 2019 to participate in the program, as long as he/she submits a signed oath to submit the report in 30 days of completing the planned project.
3.    Team composition requirement: three to four GSP or DGS students per team
-      At least 1 DGS student and 1 GSP must be included in a team.
4.    Schedule
announcement of the plan
Sept. 17 (Mon)
e-mail application*(Form provided): jangyb@pusan.ac.kr
Oct. 12 (Fri)
submission of a project plan including budget (PPT slides)
Nov. 28(Wed)
Nov. 30 (Fri)
announcement of successful teams
Dec. 4 (Tue)
5.    Project requirements
a.    The team can freely choose the project goal, theme, destination country, organizations and so forth.
b.    The team should stay in the country of their choice at least 7 days.
c.    The team should submit the project plan in PPT slides (around 30 slides) by the set deadline. (in English)
d.    The team should submit a report on their project within 30 days from their trip’s last day. (in English)
6.    Advisor: The office will assign an advisor to each participating team. The team should get help from the advisor in preparing the final presentation.
7.    Financial support plan
4,500,000won for the winning team.

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You can move to the posting of the winner announcement in the link below.

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