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OVAL hosts the IBC (International Business Contest) every summer, which is a global contest organized and operated by university students. It is also one of the biggest programs that OVAL presents.

We recruit 30 participants from each country, and all three countries take turn to host the event. Participants from each country are divided into all respective groups so that there will be one participant from each country in a group. During the contest, all groups will be given a business case that the staffs organized earlier, and will be evaluated regarding which team creates the most innovative and effective business plan.

They will have the opportunity of ‘Consulting Time’ as well, which will also be pre-arranged by the staffs, mainly inviting public figures such as professors, business owners, and professional business consultants.

Moreover, the judges, including specialists from various fields will be evaluating the final accomplishments and select the three best teams. Approximately 230 university students from the three countries will stay in Songdo for 10 days, mutually exchanging opinions to become global leaders.


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